To those who died and those who endured the conflict.

1914 - 1918








In tribute to the 100th anniversary of the end of WW1 we are presenting a production looking at

how our part of Kent was affected by the conflict. A mixture of real events and dramatic

observations centred around North West Kent. Concentrating on the home front with all the

new demands placed on the population and the changes war brings about and also the

correspondence that passed between those at home and those abroad. This war was the first to

have aerial bombing and Kent received regular visits from the enemies Zeppelins and bombers

and civilians suffered death and destruction when the war was brought to their front door.

But there is a lighter side too, and the compassion and memories of those who were involved in

the conflict can be enlightening, even bizarre on occasions.


From Crayford to Gravesend to Chatham to the towns in between and many of the villages in

the hinterland there are stories to be told, many unknown to present generations, and many

forgotten by who once knew.


This production is not a history lesson, it is an entertainment full of real life and death.















 Performances in the

   Meadow Room, Cobham


      Wednesday 14th to Saturday 17th of November 2018

  at 8pm

     Tickets can be obtained from the BOX OFFICE click for details









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